Deciphering mechanism of anti-microbial action of non-antibiotic drugs Bupranolol and Propranolol against E. coli

Anshul Nigam, Rupal Gupta, A Karthic


Rise of Antibiotic resistance has prompted scientific community to refocus on search of novel antibiotics. Although, knowledge about antibacterial action of non antibiotic drugs over pathogens is decades old. Almost, no attention was paid in developing novel class of antibiotics using them. β-adrenergic receptors Bupranolol and Propranolol are known to be active against E. coli although precise mechanism is unknown. It was speculated their antimicrobial action is via membrane proteins involved in transport of molecules, drug efflux pumps and energy generation. Therefore, we screened membrane proteome of E. coli in order to decipher precise mechanism and targets of antimicrobial action of these non-antimicrobial drugs. Our findings are in agreement with the notion regarding antimicrobial action mentioned above and following are identified as potential targets for repurposing of the two molecules which includes Drug efflux pump AcrB, lipid importer Blc, Beta barrel assembly machinery complex and ATP Synthase.

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Nigam 2020


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Indian Science and Technology Foundation (ISTF)

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