Genotoxicity: A deep insight into drug induces genetic toxicology

Sagarika Sahoo, Deepak Kumar, Chandramohan Jana


Genotoxins are chemicals which have the ability to cause damage to genetic materials within the cell. There are three major effects that genotoxins can have on organisms: carcinogens, mutagens, and teratogens. By identifying and understanding genotoxins properties of the compounds, we can get early alert about safety of the drugs and prevent the potential risk of the drugs by avoiding those Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the drug formulation. In this review, we provide deep insight about the drug induced genotoxicity which creates potential damage to the genetic material, its mechanism, and the necessity of the genotoxicity testing. We also discussed various types of in-vivo and in-vitro assays to confirm genotoxicity, also in-silico methods to predict the genotoxicity.


Genotoxins; Genetic materials; Genotoxicity; Mutagenes Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

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Sahoo 2021


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