Drug Transporters: Past, Current, and Future

Abira Dey


This review emphasizes the importance of drug transportersin different parts of the body. Transporters are proteinswhich transports the drugs to target cells and also removesthe unused or toxic particles of the drug outside the body.Transporters can be mainly divided into two superfamiliesviz. ATP – binding cassette (ABC) transporter superfamilyand Solute carrier (SLC) transporter superfamily. Drug –drug interactions are highly influenced by the presence ofsuch transporters. Now – a – days, transporters are used indifferent technologies like in cosmetics and pharmaceuticalproducts. Thus, transporters effect the nature, absorption,metabolism and elimination of the drug inside the body.


Transporters; Influx and efflux transporters; Drug – drug interaction; Drug metabolism

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DEY 2021


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